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Goa Vibes (part two)

And here's the later period. At the end of the 88-90 videos you can hear where techno started to become trance, and at the end of the 91-94 videos you can hear the beginnings of psytrance, with a harder acid sound driving the synth layers.

Mr. Horse: Crisis Situation (1988)

Jarvic 7: Bush Of Love (1988)

Robotiko Rejekto: Umsturz Jetzt! (1988)

Clock DVA: Sound Mirror (1989)

Eon: Infinity (1989)

Apostolis: Clock Croc (1990)

Atahualpa: Ultimo Imperio (1990)

The Overlords: Sundown (1991)

Trilithon: Choice (1991)

Stardiver: Lifetime Mission (1991)

Dark Comedy: War Of The Worlds (1992)

Hyperborea: Eraczek (1992)

Genetic: Transmission (1993)

Man With No Name: Teleport (1994; possibly on DAT earlier?)