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Rofo: Flashlight On A Disconight

Italo disco record, and an early example of the 'spacesynth' sound.

One of the truly cult styles of EDM, spacesynth grew out of the Italo scene and related music like Hi-NRG, Giorgio Moroder, and the space disco of the late 70s. The basic ingredients are melodies with a futuristic, sparkling sound; repetitive, insistent basslines; 'cosmic' strings; and a 4/4 beat with various percussive fills. Vocals are fewer than traditional disco, and often digitally processed.

The Dutchman Michiel Van der Kuy (Laserdance, Proxyon, Rygar) is the most namechecked artist, and almost all modern spacesynth bears traces of his formula; before him, Italian producers like Rofo, Giorgio Spagna, and the late Stefano Cundari were crucial formulators of the style. While the focus on repetition and synthetic sounds made spacesynth a trance precursor, nevertheless, it still has its own identity and following; see spacesynth.net.

Other notable spacesynth records:

Hipnosis - Hipnosis LP
Koto - Visitors, Jabdah
Cyber People - Void Vision, Polaris
Laserdance - Future Generation LP
Syntech - By Trial & Error LP
Android - Aliens

An, ahem, blunter take on the style can be found here. :>