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Global Goa Party 2: Tree Tribe

When you make the connection, it's like the chemistry takes care of itself...

I want to call attention to what was, for me, the standout mix of Global Goa 2: Kunal AKA Tree Tribe's set. http://soundcloud.com/treetribe/ggp2

It really exemplifies what Goa Trance was about in the period of 1995-1997; hypnotic and tunneling, generous with layers but never overblown, carefully composed and engineered, and full of novel sounds and colorful melodies. Some tracks are more organic and tribal, others more futuristic and industrial, while some just defy classification (check the video-arcade cyber-rock of Masa's "Xembala"), and the DJ weaves the whole techno-tapestry into something that is -- it's a cliche, but for once it's true -- bigger than the sum of its parts.

Probably gonna post some non-trance, non-synthpop (egads!) for a while after this. In any case, enjoy the noise!

/plug/ BTW, my own GG mix can still be downloaded from here: http://goatranch.com/2012/03/24/global-goa-party-2-the-mixes/ /plug/