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Goa Vibes (part one)

Rockets: On The Road Again (1978)

Way Of The West: Don't Say That's Just For White Boys (1980)

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Riot In Lagos (1980)

The Comsat Angels: Island Heart (dub mix) (1983)

Blancmange: Vishnu (1983)

Freur: You're A Hoover (dun difrunt) (1983)

Hard Corps: Dirty (1984)

The Empty Quarter: Glass Finger (1985)

Yello: Domingo (1985)

Arcadia: Election Day (1985)

Z-Moor-Z: Heros Dynamique (1986)

Koto: Jabdah (1986)

Microchip League: Satellite (1986)

Screaming Trees: Iron Guru (1987)