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Community description:Electronic dance music: sounds, creation, and culture
Laser dance. Laser tag. Laser discs. Laser surgery. Laser sights. Laser pointers. Laser light shows. Laser interference patterns.

The use of focused and directed beams of light has acquired numerous meanings, both real & metaphorical. Those who focus intensely on a single subject are said to have a mind like a laser; both praise and disparagement, a blessing and a curse. People becoming more like computers.

This comm shines a light on person-computer interactions in music. Electronic music, that doesn't go out of its way to sound 'natural' or mime the past, but that glows with its own synthetic colors. Industrial and EBM, synthpop and new beat. House, from the deep to the jacking. Italo disco and electrofunk. Trance: progressive, psychedelic, or old school. Techno: Detroit or London, Frankfurt or Madrid. Ambient, dub, and trip hop.

In particular, this comm will showcase music from the early days in Goa and afterwards: 1980s to roughly 2002/03. Modern commercial psytrance of the spoiled fungi variety will be shied away from; underground, nonconformist sounds, of any vintage, will be sought after. Music clips are of course welcome, but other related material -- posts about artists, dance music culture, music technology, ect. -- is also encouraged here!

References and resources: The Wikipedia of records; an essential resource for anyone who listens to music. Spanish language database of dance music. Academic study of dance music culture. Popular forum for fans of psychedelic trance. Psychedelic trance mixes, focused on the 1990s. Russian language blog about the music that inspired trance.

Other pages of interest:

[community profile] audiocave, a very cool comm with a slightly different musical focus.
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